Jackson's Gum
Jackson's Gum

Eucalyptus jacksonii

Snakeskin Pine
Snakeskin Pine

Pinus heldreichii

Lemon leaf fig
Lemon leaf fig

Ficus citrifolia

Snakeskin Pine
Snakeskin Pine

Pinus heldreichii

Rubber tree
Rubber tree

Ficus elastica

Snakeskin Pine
Snakeskin Pine

Pinus heldreichii

Bunges pine
Bunges pine

Pinus bungeana

Snakeskin Pine
Snakeskin Pine

Pinus heldreichii

Our society

The Swiss Dendrological Society (SDS) was founded in 1948 and today has just over 300 members. They can participate at our activities and maintain professional exchanges with tree and plant enthusiasts as well as other specialists.

Who are our members?

Tree and plant enthusiasts
Owners of gardens and collections of trees and shrubs
Owners of arboretum parks
Nurserymen, gardeners, horticulturists, garden designers, florists, perennial plant enthusiasts, foresters, forest engineers, arborists, tree care specialists, pharmacists, naturalists, biologists, botanists, dendrologists, employees of green space, forestry and environmental services

What is dendrology?

The Greeks called trees Dendron. And we call ourselves dendrologists, after the Greek language. We are primarily concerned with the study of trees and shrubs, but we are also interested in all related fields. From horticulture to modern urban planning, garden and landscape design, including our future climate requirements in the city and the countryside. We are also interested in environmental and nature conservation from a global perspective, as well as in species-specific knowledge and the study of forests and woodland.

On excursions and trips to the most diverse regions of our world, we also visit woody plants, arboreta, public and non-public parks, botanical and private gardens, as well as special collections of woody plants that are often not accessible to the general public. We are guided by recognised specialists, often in two or even three languages.

What do we want to achieve?

We have set ourselves the goal of imparting knowledge and enjoyment of native and foreign woody plants, promoting their protection and maintaining international contacts. The exchange across green and political borders is one of our main concerns. The enrichment of our personal experience and know-how is more than a coincidental side effect.

We also support or promote book projects, collections of woody plants or other «green» causes within the scope of our possibilities and objectives.



Roger Beer
Ingénieur forestier EPFZ/SIA
Séquoia & Gardens

Chemin de la Creuse 5G
1261 Marchissy (VD)

Vice President

Dr. Manfred Walder
Caraa di Palm 1
6653 Verscio (TI)

Treasurer / Administration

Fritz Hauenstein
Tree nursery
Landstrasse 31
8197 Rafz


Dr. Hans-Peter Stutz
Steinberggasse 67
8400 Winterthur

Other Board Members

Gerhard Biderbost
Master Gardener

Prof. Dr. Jean-Nicolas Haas
Institute of Botany / University of Innsbruck

Blanche Keeris
Landscape architect

Thomas Keller

Daniele Marcacci

Sylvain Meier
Ingénieur forestier EPFZ

Felix Naef
Landscape architect HTL / BSLA

Christoph Wicki
Dipl. Forsting, ETH

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