Bunges pine
Bunges pine

Pinus bungeana

Snakeskin Pine
Snakeskin Pine

Pinus heldreichii

Jackson's Gum
Jackson's Gum

Eucalyptus jacksonii

Lala Palm
Lala Palm

Hyphaene coriacea

Scots pine
Scots pine

Pinus sylvestris

Umbrella aralia
Umbrella aralia

Schefflera actinophylla

Snakeskin Pine
Snakeskin Pine

Pinus heldreichii

Spanish fir
Spanish fir

Abies pinsapo

International Tree Archive (IBA)

The International Tree Archive (IBA), located at the Naturama in Aargau, describes and presents the historical and cultural significance of trees and forests from prehistoric times to the present day.


WSL - Advisory centre for forestry propagating material.
National seed distribution centre, which helps forestry companies to obtain high quality seed from Swiss forests.

Swiss Dendrology Library (BSD)

The BSD is owned by the Aubonne Arboretum and is not public, but on request its database is accessible worldwide. It is a young library created in 1994 with the aim of gathering in one place all kinds of books, articles and documents on trees, shrubs and related subjects. To consult books on the spot, you must make an appointment at +41 21 808 51 83 or cntctrbrtmch

Fructus - The association for the promotion of old fruit varieties

Founded in 1985, Fructus currently has almost 900 members from the city and the country, all of whom are fascinated by biodiversity, large fruit trees and the diversity of varieties. They include fruit specialists, farmers, nursery­men, arborists, hobbyists, nature conservationists and idealists in the field. In this way they give a signal for the conservation and promotion of old fruit varieties.

German Dendrological Society e.V.

The German Dendrological Society brings together people for whom the conservation, care, planting and dissemination of trees and shrubs is a major concern.
They are interested in dendrology on a scientific and practical level. They pay particular attention to the diversity of tree and shrub species, both native and from other parts of the world.

Swiss Federation of Tree Care Specialists (FSSA)

In 1986, half a dozen companies active in the field of tree care founded the "Swiss Federation of Tree Care Experts and Specialists". The aim of this small association was to create a federally recognised tree care training course and to make tree care known to the public as a specialist field and a profession in its own right within the garden industry..

National Arboretum of the Aubonne Valley

The Aubonne Arboretum was created in 1968. It covers an area of about 200 ha and has nearly 3000 species and varieties of trees and shrubs. Since its opening, more than 10'000 trees and shrubs have been planted. The arboretum is open all year round. Admission is free.

Arboretum National du Vallon de l'Aubonne
Chemin de Plan 92
1170 Aubonne
+41 21 808 51 83

Trees and shrubs online (TSO) by International Dendrology Society (IDS)

A modern reference to temperate woody plants

Trees and shrubs online has been made possible by the International Dendrology Society, a truly international organisation with c. 1500 members in 50 countries. Since its inception the IDS has been dedicated to its charitable aim of advancing the knowledge of woody plants around the world. The idea for TSO was born out of the success of New Trees, itself an IDS project, and since the website’s launch the IDS has worked to raise funds to support the project’s ongoing work.


ProSpecieRara was established in 1982 as a Swiss non-profit foundation to protect endangered crops and livestock from extinction.

As a driving force, ProSpecieRara safeguards the genetic and cultural-historical diversity of Swiss crops and livestock for future generations. It does this in cooperation with a national network of volunteer variety managers. At present, it is committed to the conservation and use of around 1,400 garden and cultivated plants, 1,900 fruit varieties, 800 ornamental plant varieties and 32 livestock breeds.

The driving force behind its commitment: ProSpeziaRara wants to preserve a safe and rich basis for our food and pass it on to future generations and pursues the following goals with its network:

  • Protecting rare species
  • Ensuring access
  • Promoting use
  • Sharing knowledge

The ProSpecieRara team works on projects throughout Switzerland from three locations, in three languages, with the head office in Basel, the branch office in Geneva and San Pietro (Ticino).

ProSpecieRara (head office)
Unter Brüglingen 6
4052 Basel
+41 61 545 99 11

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